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June 27 2017

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Audrey Hepburn photographed by Dennis Stock, 1954



not to be an Sjw™ but uh…. trigger jokes are essentially jokes about actual ptsd and the real, terrifying, and often humiliating symptoms that come with it. maybe it’s because im not hip w/ the kids, but i don’t really understand the humor in making fun of literal trauma. idk just stay away from me with all that

We use the term in group therapy and I hate knowing that I can’t use it outside of that room to articulate my needs because it will be a joke to everyone else. Like thanks to all the assholes that slashed my fucking coping vocabulary.



*1840s California gold-seeker voice* “Do you even sift, bro?”

dead pan humor

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Did someone say “Detroit Red Wings?”

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im screaming no

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i have some feelings about goalies. mostly those feelings are that goalies are totally awesome in a blessedly batshit way.

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Gerroa, NSW - Shot on film

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First days of dating Bittle,

must’ve been just a little,


Characters from @omgcheckplease




The computer said my next patient’s name was Lucifer, and that he was a domestic. Not that an unusual name for a pet, I have to admit.

“Come on in. Do you have Lucifer hiding in that box for me?” I say. A gentleman dressed all in black with a rather spiky aesthetic and a selection of piercings comes into my consult room and opens the box.

He places a perfectly black rabbit on the table.

Honestly, I had been expecting a cat.

Turns out Lucifer is his new rabbit. He’d insisted on taking it from a friend who wasn’t taking care of it a few months ago.

Lucifer, for his part, had decided the table was too scary and that his dad’s leather clad armpit was the best place to be.

To my surprise and delight, our new goth rabbit owner is doing everything right. Perfect diet, read up on rabbit health, vaccinating, enrichment, the works.

He even started a vegetable garden to grow treats for the rabbit, or as he put it, “tributes for lucifer.”

I….. I love this …..

June 26 2017


making fun of ppl’s english,esp when it’s not their first language, is not a funny joke ever,no excuses,and that’s that on that

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How accurate looks the enterprise in the animated series? Stunning

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Raises hand yup lol

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Ohh, so where do I sit

idk which position is my fav

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ghost of the governor’s house

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“I’m a doctor, not a _______”

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Mmmmmmm the food is the only good thing about summer.

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Witch Aesthetics // Purple Witch

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